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statue whoring, ebay style! - Statue-Whores Anonymous

About statue whoring, ebay style!

Previous Entry statue whoring, ebay style! Apr. 21st, 2006 @ 12:05 pm Next Entry
A lil' paint and we have a Mehet Weret on our hands! I've never seen a statue like this one before... maybe I just don't get out enough.

I still want this, a lot. *sob*

Umm... Here's the thing. I hate those 4 statues, with the big airplane arms and nothing symmetrical and them looking anywhere but forward... And I know, they worked for what they were originally used for, not as separate statues. But I do like the coloring on this one. Yes indeed. Seems appropriate for Her.

Nut? Hmmm... interesting statue. I'd probably buy it, though it is one of those more cartoon-y ones.

But I really, really like this papyrus. I like all of the color, and that they made Geb green. Very, very green.

Speaking of which... Though I like the one Djesi showed from the Hobby Lobby better, the one that was on sale. I think that ship's pretty much sailed though.

Share your tales of statue whoring! People have been very quiet around here.
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